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American wire gauge (wiring) (AWG)

American Wire Gauge(AWG) is an American calibration gauge for copper wires. The AWG value determines the wire gauge and allowable attenuation, with a lower AWG value corresponding to a thicker wire.

Common AWG values

Common AWG values

Solid conductors have a larger diameter than stranded, stranded conductors for the same AWG value. As a result, the resistance values are identical.

AWG stranded conductors consist of several thinner wires: of 7, 10, 19, 26, or 41. The wire cross-section is approximately the same as the Qwire cross-section of a solid single wire. Stranded wires are also specified in AWG values. For example, an AWG-20 wire may consist of a solid conductor with a diameter of 0.813 mm. It can likewise be composed of 7 AWG-28 (7/28) stranded wires, 10/30, 19/32, 26//34 or 41/36. The 41 AWG-36 stranded wires each have a diameter of 0.127 mm.

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