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ASTRA digital radio (satellite radio) (ADR)

AstraDigital Radio(ADR) is a digital audio transmission method in the sound subcarrier area of a conventional satellite TV channel that can be received with a normal parabolic antenna.

The transmission is based on the Musicam method according to MPEG-1-Audio Layer-II (MP2). The audio subcarriers are modulated using quadrature phase modulation( QPSK) with a bandwidth of 130 kHz with the two channels for stereophony. The net data rate is 192 kbit/s, which corresponds to a CD-quality transmission.

For transmission of Internet data via the ADR system, there is DISCOS, which stands for Digital Subscriber on Satellite. A data channel with a transmission rate of 9.6 kbit/s is available for radio text ( RDS), program control data and conditional access( CA).

Astra Digital Radio is transmitted via the Astra 1A to 1D satellites.

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