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ANDiS is a network and port management interface developed by Bell ID, which is an open software platform supporting smart cards, biometric technologies and other applications, such as smart card management including key and certificate management.

The ANDiS platform works in Windows and Unix environments. It meets the requirements of international organizations and is suitable for use in medium and large enterprises. Product implementation can be customized to include project management, configuration and installation, technical specifications and testing to meet requirements.

ANDiS can be used in the different applications. For example, as a smartcard management system( CMS), application management system( AMS), key management center( KMC), certification management center( CMC), as a biometric API( BioAPI), and as a smartcard ID.

The smartcard management system can manage the organization of the smartcard throughout its lifecycle`. For example, the key management system secures the user's access rights and manages the public and private keys. The certification management center can generate and distribute digital certificates used for the identification and authentication of third parties involved in the transaction.

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