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8 position 8 contact (RJ45) (8P8C)

8P8C, Eight Position, Eight Contact, is the pin array of an 8P8C connector. It differs minimally from the RJ45 connector.

The mentioned 8P8C and RJ45 connectors are mechanically identical connectors except for an additional notch on the 8P8C connector. Like the RJ45 connector, the 8P8C connector has 8 plug contacts with a spacing of 1 mm. However, the arrangement of the plug contacts differs for both connector variants. Since the differences are minor and the plugs look similar, the plug designation RJ45 is used. Mechanically, the plugs are similar, but not fully compatible. The 8P8C plug has an additional notch and can accept an RJ45 plug. The reverse is not possible.

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