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5K standard

5K is a standard for the resolution of screens. The value is the horizontal number of pixels.

The 5K standard represents an intermediate value between the 4K standard and the 8K standard, which, however, will only reach market maturity in a few years. 5K thus represents the midrange of Ultra High Definition Television( UHDTV) with a horizontal resolution of 5,120 pixels, which is 1,000 pixels more than the 4K standard, and a vertical resolution of 2,880 pixels.

Display formats in 16:9 aspect ratio

Display formats in 16:9 aspect ratio

5K screens have 5,120 pixels horizontally and 2,880 pixels vertically with a 16:9 aspect ratio. In ultra-wide format with a 21:9 aspect ratio, the vertical resolution is 2,160 pixels. If a 4K screen has 8.5 megapixels( MP), it is 14.7 MP for the 5K screen.

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