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3d code

In addition to the one-dimensional 1D code (1D), the barcode or bar code, there are a wide variety of 2D codes and 3D codes. While 2D codes encode their information in two dimensions

and thus have a significantly higher information density compared to bar codes, 3D codes use three dimensions.

Colored 2D code, HCCB code, from Microsoft

Colored 2D code, HCCB code, from Microsoft

3D codes use color or depth information as a third dimension. If a 2D code is also equipped with, for example, color information with 8 bits, then it offers 256 additional variation possibilities. A 3D code with depth information is a hologram in which the information can also be depth modulated. The information density is many times higher than that of a 2D code with colour information. An example of a 3D code is the High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB).

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