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3D printer

A 3D printer is a computer-controlled machine that prints workpieces, layer

by layer. Such a 3D printer uses liquid and powder materials that are applied one after the other and harden or sinter to form a three-dimensional workpiece. The materials used are polymers, ceramics, synthetic resins, metal powders, binders and hardeners. 3D printers are used in rapid prototyping, in medical technology for the production of organs and implants, in the automotive and aircraft industry as well as in development and research facilities. Virtual 3D graphics or scans from 3D scanners serve as templates for 3D printing. Especially in the production of models and prototypes, there are decisive cost and time advantages, because 3D printers can process various file formats

for 3D models, there is no need to make molds.

3D printer MakerBot, photo:

3D printer MakerBot, photo:

3D printers can be built completely differently. They can work like 2D printers, printing successively layer by layer, but they can also work with rotating print heads that circle around the workpiece being created. The finished workpieces no longer need to be reworked, eliminating labor time for drilling, grinding or cutting.

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