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3D mesh

A 3D mesh forms the structural setup of a 3D model. A 3D mesh forms a wireframe model and consists of individual polygons, from triangles, rectangles, other geometric shapes or convex and concave polygons, which form a stable computer model as a 3D mesh.

Such a 3D mesh can consist of any number of polygons whose vertices are uniquely defined by the three coordinate points in the X, Y and Z axes and by the connecting lines.

Detail of a complex wireframe model, photo: Baucad

Detail of a complex wireframe model, photo: Baucad

Polygons 3D models belong to the geometric models of computer graphics. They represent the model surface and include the volume of the 3D model. Since graphics cards are optimized in their hardware for the calculation of triangles, graphics programs are predominantly based on triangles to accelerate the calculation process.

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