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3D graphics

3D graphics are graphics displayed in three-dimensional geometry. With these graphics, the coordinate system

or the 3D mesh or 3D model can be rotated in the coordinate system. This allows the model to be viewed from all sides and from all perspectives.

Wireframe and surface model of a cube

Wireframe and surface model of a cube

Since the computational effort for complex three-dimensional computer graphics can be very high, a distinction is made between the wireframe model, the surface model and the solid

modelwhen modeling a 3D

model.These three models facilitate modeling, since the computational effort for the different models is extremely different.

In terms ofrepresentation, 3D models can be isometric

or perspective. The creation of 3D computer graphics is

accelerated by special 3D graphics processors and supported by the 3D standards, an existing 3D graphics libraries, the so-called 3D kernels.

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