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The number 1,080 is the number of lines for high-definition television( HDTV). It is the visible number of lines without a vertical blanking interval. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, this results in a pixel count of 1,920 visible pixels per line. The vertical blanking interval comprises a total of 45 lines, so that the total number of lines per image is 1,125. The horizontal blanking interval depends on the television standard and is 720pixels in Europe and 280 in the USA.

The line count 1.080 is often indicated with the addition of "i", "p" or psF as 1.080i, 1.080p or 1.080psF.

1.080i stands for interlacing, i.e. the interlaced method with two fields. The designation says nothing about the refresh rate. It is separated by a slash: 1.080i/25 or 1.080/25i for Europe or 1.080i/30 or 1.08/30i for the USA and Japan.

Digital TV standard 1.080 with pixel and line count

Digital TV standard 1.080 with pixel and line count

1.080p stands for progressivescan, the progressive scanning of the image display. With this display technology, the image builds up continuously from top to bottom. Progressive scan knows only one full frame and, in contrast to interlaced scanning, also has only one vertical blanking interval. The frame rate is appended as a digit. 1.080p/25 or 1.080/25p for Europe, 1.080p/30 or 1.080/30p for the USA and Japan.

1.080psF stands for Progressive Segmented Frame (psF) is another television standard for progressive scan. It works with two vertical blanking intervals. For this purpose, two partial images with odd and even lines and two blanking intervals are generated from the full image of the progressive scan display. The two partial images differ from the fields of the interlaced scan in that they do not contain any motion dynamics. They are identical in content. This method is used so that television equipment and television sets designed for interlaced scanning can display the progressive scan signals.

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