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10 gigabit Ethernet for machine vision (10GigE Vision)

Giga Ethernet for MachineVision ( GigE Vision) is a high-speed interface for digital cameras in industrial image processing. The concept is based on Gigabit Ethernet( GbE) and brings it to data rates of 100 MB/s. The successor technology is 10GigE Vision, 10 Gigabit Ethernet for Machine Vision, and is based on 10GBase-T, a twisted pair( TP) transmission technology.

10GigE Vision will meet the trend for higher resolution and faster from CMOS sensors. The technology is compatible with GenICam, it supports a data throughput of 1. 1GB/s and distances up to 100m. The 1.1 GB/s data rate can display digital images with a resolution of 12 megapixels( MP) and a frame rate of about 100 Hz.

Versions of the GigE Vision camera interface

Versions of the GigE Vision camera interface

10GigE Vision is a plug-and-play technology. The supply voltage and control data are transmitted via STP cable or FTP cable, or using Power over Ethernet( PoE). Like GigE Vision, 10GigE Vision uses the Precision Time Protocol( PTP) covered under IEEE 1588 for precise synchronization between network cameras. 10GigE cameras will have extremely short readout and latency times, ranging from 5 µs to 50 µs, which is much lower than the latency times of 10GbE.

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