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10 Gigabit attachment unit interface (GbE) (XAUI)

The XAUI (10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface) is an interface between the Medium Access Control ( MAC) and the Physical Layer( PHY) of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Parallel

XAUI can be used to increase the limited physical extent of the XGMII (10 Gigabit Medium Independent Interface) to approximately 50 cm. XAUI is a multi-lane solution that is mainly used in backplane systems. The effective data rate of 10 Gbit/s is handled over four lanes with a baud rate of 3.125 GBaud.

In40 Gigabit Ethernet, this interface is called XLAUI (40 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface) and in 100 Gigabit EthernetCAUI (40 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface).

The XAUI interface is also used in Serial RapidIO( SRIO).

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