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10 Gigabit Fibre Channel (10GFC)

In order to extend the speed and extension limits of the Fibre Channel, the Fibre Channel Industry Association( FCIA) prepared a new standardization proposal for a 10 Gbit/s fast Fibre Channel in 1999: 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel (10GFC).

The draft standard for 10GFC is intended to have a twelve-fold increase in baud rate over the standardized 1 Gbit/s version. It includes components of Ethernet and InfiniBand, as well as definitions of logic units and access methods for single- mode fiber and multimode fiber in LAN and WAN environments. In doing so, the 10GFC standard will support both WAN and MAN transmissions over Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing( DWDM) and over Sonet/ SDH.

Because the draft standard incorporates both the frame formats and the link services and specifications of today's fiber channel implementations, the FCIA promises complete backward compatibility with the existing fiber channel standard. Moreover, the alignment with Ethernet and InfiniBand technology (at the physical layer) should even make it possible to use all three 10 Gbit/s fast transmission methods via the same cables, data connectors and optical transceivers.

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