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Cäsar-Chiffre Caesar cipher
Cäsium caesium
Cäsium-Normal caesium standard
Cassegrain-Antenne Cassegrain antenna
CAV-Verfahren constant angular velocity
CB-Funk citizen band
CBGA-Package ceramic ball grid array
CBT-Protokoll core based tree
CBTC-System communication-based train control
CCD-Sensor charge coupled device
CCGA-Package ceramic column grid array
CCI-Schnittstelle contactless chipcard interface
CCP-Protokoll compression control protocol
CCS-Ladesystem combined charging system
CCSTN-Technologie color coded super twisted nematic
CD-Book CD book
CD-Brenner CD writer
CD-Bridge CD bridge
CD-Laufwerk CD drive
CD-Text CD text
CDIP-Package ceramic dual inline package
CDMA-Verfahren code division multiple access
CDMA2000 CDMA2000
cdmaOne cdmaOne
CDN-Netzwerk content delivery network
CDP-Pipeline continuous delivery pipeline
CDP-Protokoll Cisco discovery protocol
CE-Router customer edge router
CE-Zeichen Communauté Européenne
CEC-Protokoll consumer electronics control
Celeron Celeron
Cell-Relay cell relay
Cell/B.E.-Prozessor Cell/B.E. processor
Cellular-RAM cellular RAM
Celsius celsius
Cent cent
Centrex-Dienst centrex service
Centrino Centrino
Centronics-Schnittstelle centronics parallel interface
CS-Stecker CS optical connector
CSG-Modell constructive solid geometrie
CSI-Interface camera serial interface
CSI-Lampe compact source iodide
CSMA-Verfahren carrier sense multiple access
CSMA/CA-Zugangsverfahren carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance
CSMA/CD-Zugangsverfahren carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
CSO-Namen-Server central services organization
CSP-Package chip scale package
CSS-Modulation chirp spread spectrum
CSSP-Package chip-sized SAW package
CSTN-Technologie color super twisted nematic
CT0 cordless telephony 0
CT1 cordless telephony 1
CT2 cordless telephony 2
CT3 cordless telephony 3
CTI-Architektur CTI architecture
CTI-Standards CTI standards
CULV-Prozessor consumer ultra low voltage
CurrentC CurrentC
Cursor cursor
Customer Journey Map customer journey map
Customer Lifetime Value customer lifetime value
Customizing customizing
Cut & Paste cut and paste
Cut-Through-Verfahren cut through method
CW-Radar continuous wave radar
CWDM-Technik coarse wavelength division multiplexing
CXP-Modul 100 giga 10 lanes pluggable
Cyan cyan
Cyber cyber
Cyber-Cash cyber cash
Cyber-physisches System cyber-physical system
Cyber-Shop cyber shop
Cyberbullying cyber bullying
Cyberkrieg cyberwar
Cybermobbing cyber mobbing
Cybermoney cyber money
Cyberspace cyber space
CyoD-Modell choose your own device