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CMC-Modul common Mezzanine card
CMC7-Zeichensatz coded magnetic character 7
CMG-Stecker CMG connector
CMI-Code coded mark inversion
CMIP-Protokoll common management information protocol
CML-Logik current mode logic
CMOS-Sensor CMOS sensor
CMOS-Technologie complementary metal oxide semiconductor (Chip)
CMR-Sensor colossal magneto-resistive
CMY-Farbmodell cyan, magenta, yellow
CMYK-Farbmodell cyan, magenta, yellow, key
Co-Creation co-creation
CoAP-Protokoll constrained application protocol
CoaXPress CoaXPress
COB-LED chip on board LED
CobraNet CobraNet
Codabar codabar
Codablock codablock
Code code
Code 128 code 128
Code 2/5 code 2/5
Code 39 code 39
Code 49 code 49
Code 93 code 93
Code-Element code element
Code-Feld code field (TCP)
Code-Konvertierung code conversion
Code-Umschaltung escape character (control character)
Codemultiplex code division multiplexing
Codename dode name
Coderate code rate
Codetransparenz code transparency
Codewert code value
Codewort codeword
Codierer-Decodierer coder-decoder
Codierschema coding scheme (GPRS)
Codierung coding
Cognitive Radio cognitive radio
Cold Storage cold storage
Cold-Swap cold swap
Collaborative Work collaborative work
Collapsed Backbone collapsed backbone
Collections-Framework collections framework
Colpitts-Oszillator Colpitts oscillator
COM-Express-Modul COM express
COM-HPC-Modul COM-HPC module
COM-Port COM port
Combiner combiner
Combo-Stecker combo plug
Commerce-Server commerce server
Communication-as-a-Service communication as a service (cloud computing)
Community community
Community Cloud community cloud
Community-Commerce community commerce
Compact Disc compact disc
Compact Disc mit hoher Dichte high density compact disc
Compact-Flash-Karte compact flash card
CompactPCI compact PCI
CompactPCI Plus compactPCI plus
CompactPCI-Express compactPCI express
Companding companding
Competitive Intelligence competitive intelligence
Compiler compiler
Compliance compliance
Compliance-Risiko compliance risk
Composite Video color, video, blank, sync (FBAS)
Computer computer
Computer-Forensik computer forensics
Computer-Telefonie-Integration computer telephony integration
Computergestützte Fotografie computational photography
Computergrafik computer graphics
Computerintegrierte Telefonie und Telematik computer integrated telephony and telemetry
Computerintegriertes Telefonieren computer integrated telephony (CTI)
Computermaus computer mouse
Computermodul computer on module
Computersicherheit computer security
Computerspiel computer game
Computeruhr smartwatch
Computerunterstützte Entwicklung computer aided engineering
Computerunterstützte Fertigung computer aided manufacturing
Computerunterstützte Konstruktion computer aided design
Computerunterstützte Planung computer aided planning
Computerunterstützte Qualitätssicherung computer aided quality control
Computerunterstützter Verkauf computer aided selling
Computerunterstütztes Training computer based training
Computervermittelte Realität computer-mediated reality
Confirmed Opt-In confirmed opt-in
Connected Living connected living
Consumer Profiling consumer profiling
Container container
Container-Image container image
Containerformat container format
Content-Banner content banner
Content-Billing content billing
Content-Broker content broker
Content-Frame content frame
Content-Management content management
Content-Management-System content management system
Content-Marketing content marketing
Content-on-Demand content on demand
Content-Page content page
Content-Placement content placement
Content-Sicherheit content security
Content-Sponsoring content sponsoring
Content-Switch content switch
Content-Syndication content syndication
Content-Targeting content targeting
Contentfilter content filter
Contention-Ratio contention ratio
Control-Flag-Feld control flag field
Controller controller
Controller-Station radio port controller (PACS)
Convolver convolver
Coprozessor coprocessor
Copy & Paste copy and paste
Copy-on-Write copy on write (backup)
Copyfree copyfree
Copyleft copyleft
COQOS-Betriebssystem COQOS
Core i7 processor i7
Core-2-Prozessor core 2
Core-Gateway core gateway
Core-Router core router
Core-Switch core switch
Corner-Reflektor corner reflector
CorNet-IP CorNet-IP
Corporate Blog corporate blog
Corporate GSM corporate GSM
Corporate Network corporate network
Cortex-Prozessor cortex processor
Coulomb coulomb
Coulomb-Gesetz coulomb´s law
Coulomb-Wirkungsgrad coulomb efficiency factor (battery)
Covercard covercard