Aaddress bit Adressbit  
Aaddress Adresse
aattoPräfix für Trillionstel
A-RACFaccess RACF (NGN) 
A-TSCHadaptive time slotted channel hopping 
A-TW-IPSadvanced true white IPS 
A/Danalog digital converter AD-Wandler
A2Aadministration to administration
A2Aapplication to application
A2Badministration to business
A2Cadministration to consumer
A2DPadvanced audio distribution profile (Bluetooth)
A3algorithm 3A3-Algorithmus
A4WPalliance for wireless power
A5algorithm 5A5-Algorithmus
A8algorithm 8A8-Algorithmus
AAadministrative authority (ATM) 
AAapplication association  
AAautomatic answeringAutomatische Antwort
AAadministrative area (X.500) 
AAauto attendant
AAattribute authority (ARA) 
AAprovider addressAnbieteradresse 
AAAauthentication, authorization, and accountingAAA-Server
AaaSarchitecture as a service (cloud) 
AABautomatic alternative billing (CS, IN) 
AACauthorizing and access control (IETF) 
AACadvanced audio coding (speech encoding)AAC-Kompression
AACauthentification and accounting client 
AACabbreviated address calling 
AAC HEadvanced audio coding high efficiency (DAB+) 
AAC-ELDAAC enhanced low delay
AAC-LDAAC low delay
AACHaccess assignment channel (Tetra)
AACSadvanced access content system (copy protection)
AAEauto-responding equipment
AAFadvanced authoring format (file format)
AAFadjustable active filter 
AAFantialiasing filterAntialiasing-Filter
AAIauthentication algorithm identification (802.11)
AAIMairborne autonomous integrity monitoring (navigation) 
AALATM adaption layerATM-Anpassungsschicht
AALambient assisted living (telemedicine)
AAL-PCIAAL protocol control information (ATM)AAL-Protokollsteuerinformation  
AAL-SDUAAL service data unit (ATM)AAL-Dienstdatenelement  
AANall area network
AAPAcethylacetonperoxid (Leiterplatte) 
AARautomatic alternative routing Automatische alternative Wegwahl
AARPAppleTalk address resolution protocol AARP-Protokoll
AASadaptive antenna system
AATaverage access time (memory)
AAUIApple attachment unit interface 
AAVauthentification algorithm version 
ABaccess burst (mobile communications) 
ABtelephone responderAnrufbeantworter
ABAactive brake assist (automotive) 
ABAAmerican bankers association 
ABACattribute-based access control  
ABAPadvanced business application programming (SAP)
ABASaircraft-based augmentation system (location)ABAS-System
ABBAusschuss für Blitzschutz und Blitzforschung (VDE) 
ABBautomatic black balance (video)Schwarzabgleich
ABBDabbreviated dialing 
ABBHaverage bouncing busy hour
ABCadministration and billing center (mobile communications) 
ABCactive broadcast control (TR) 
ABCadvanced bar code 
ABCautomatic bandwidth control 
ABCautomatic balance control 
ABCabsorbing boundary condition 
ABCaccount and billing center 
ABCSadvanced business communications via satellite 
ABDabbreviated dialingKurzwahl
ABDNattendant blocking of directory number 
ABELadvanced boolean expression language 
Abendabnormal end Unnormaler Abbruch
ABERLATIP burst error length (CD, orange book) 
ABFanalog beamforming
ABFNadaptive beamforming network (mobile communications) 
ABHCaverage busy hour calls (BHC) 
ABIapplication binary interfaceBinäre Anwendungsschnittstelle
ABIGACCESS.bus industry group  
ABIOSadvanced basic input/output system (PS/2) 
ABISASTRA broadband interactive system
ABLCautomatic black level calibrationAutomatische Schwarzwertkalibrierung  
ABMasynchronous balanced mode (HDLC)
ABMaccunet bandwidth manager 
ABMadvanced battery management (UPS)
ABMaccount-based marketing (web) 
ABNFaugmented Backus Naur form
ABRautomatic baud rate (Modem) 
ABRavailable bit rate (ATM)Verfügbare Bitrate
ABRautomatic beacon removal 
ABRanswer bit ratio 
ABRarea border router
ABRautomatic backup and recovery 
ABRDautomatic baud rate detection
ABSabsent subscriberTeilnehmer nicht anwesend  
ABSalerting base station (mobile communications) 
ABSantilock brake system Antiblockiersystem (Automotive) 
ABSadvanced buffering system (DVD)
ABSalternate billing service 
ABSapplication bridge server 
ABSacrylonitrilt butadiene styrene ABS-Plastik 
ABTATM block transfer  
ABVSautomated best value system 
ABXadvanced branch exchange 
ACaccess control (MAC)Zugangskontrolle
ACaddress control Adresssteuerung  
ACaddress cycle Adressenzugriffszyklus  
ACadaptive control Angepasste Zugriffssteuerung  
ACauthentication center (mobile communications)Authentisierungszentrum
ACapplication context (OSI)Anwendungskontext
ACaccess concentrator (PSTN) 
ACalternating currentWechselstrom
ACaudio codecAudiocodec
ACaccess category (802.11e) 
ACaccess code (satellite) 
ACadmission control (security) 
ACaccess conditionZugriffsbedingung
ACactual cost (PM)Ist-Kosten
ACaudio conferenceTelefonkonferenz
ACalarm and conditions (OPC-UA) 
AC-3audio code number 3AC-3-Audiokompression
AC97audio codec 97
ACAasynchronous communication adapterAsynchroner Kommunikationsadapter 
ACAaudio content architecture (ODA)
ACAanisotropic conducting adhesive (PCB) 
ACAautomatic circuit assurance 
ACAadaptive channel allocation 
ACAaccessory charging adapter (USB) 
ACAPapplication control access protocol (e-mail)ACAP-Protokoll (E-Mail)
ACAPadvanced common application platform (DTV) 
ACARSaircraft communications addressing system  
ACASapplication control architecture services (DEC) 
ACATadvanced collision avoidance technology (traffic) 
ACATSadvisory committee on advanced television service (ATSC)
ACAUautomatic calling and answering unit Computergesteuerte Telefonvermittlung  
ACBaccess method control block Steuerblock für die Zugriffsmethode  
ACBautomatic call back (Modem)
ACBassociation of competent bodies (EU) 
ACBair circuit breaker (power circuit breaker)Offener Leistungsschalter 
ACCadvanced computer communication  
ACCarea communication controller (Modacom)
ACCATM cross connector  
ACCautomatic call center (automotive) 
ACCaccount card calling (CS, IN) 
ACCautomatic color control  
ACCanalog control channel 
ACCHassociated control channel (GSM)
ACCUassociation of C and C++ users 
ACDautomatic call distribution (Call Center)Automatische Anrufverteilung
ACDaverage call duration 
ACDIasynchronous communications device interface (IBM) 
ACDMasymmetric cable modem 
ACEautomatic calling equipment Automatische Rufeinrichtung  
ACEadvanced communication engine  
ACEadvanced computing environment
ACEaccess connection element (ATM)Anschluss-Verbindungselement  
ACEadverse channel enhancement (Modem)
ACEaccess control entry (ACL)
ACEaccess control elementZugriffssteuerungselement 
ACEautomatic content enhancement (HDMI)
ACEAdobe color engine (CMS) 
ACEautomatic calibration and equalization 
ACEadvanced crypto engine (smartcard) 
ACEAeuropean automobile manufacturers' association 
ACECadvisory committee on electromagnetic compatibility (IEC) 
ACELPalgebraic code excited linear prediction (voice compression)
ACePadvanced color e-paperACeP-Display
ACFaccess control field (TR, DQDB)Zugriffskontrollfeld
ACFadvanced communication function (SNA)
ACFadmission confirmation 
ACFantenna calibration factor 
ACFauthentification control function 
ACF/NCPadvanced communications function/network control program (SNA) 
ACF/VTAMadvanced communications function/virtual telecommunication access method (SNA) 
ACFMAdobe composite font metrics (typeface) 
ACGaddressed command group (IEC bus) 
ACHautomated clearing house
ACIaccess control information (X.500) 
ACIadjacent channel interference (WLAN) 
ACIAasynchronous communication interface adapter
ACIDatomicity, consistency, isolation, durability (Internet)
ACIRadjacent channel interference ratio (WLAN) 
ACITadaptive sub-band excited transformation (Modulation)Anpassungsfähige Hilfsband-Transformation 
ACKacknowledgement (control character)Positive Bestätigung
ACKacknowledgment flag (TCP)Bestätigungs-Flag
ACLaccess control list (WLAN)Zugriffskontrollliste
ACLapplications connectivity/control link 
ACLasynchronous connectionless link (Bluetooth)Asynchron verbindungslos
ACLadvanced CMOS logic (IC)Advanced-CMOS-Logik
ACLagent communication language 
ACLFaccess control list facility (DCE) 
ACLRadjacent channel leakage ratioNachbarkanalstörung
ACMaddress complete message
ACMaddress control machine  
ACMassociation for computer machinery
ACMactive carrier management (mobile communications) 
ACMadaptive coding and modulation
ACMaccess configuration matrix (chip card) 
ACMSapplication control & management system (DEC) 
ACOalarm cutoff 
ACONETAustrian scientific data network  
ACPactive channel pool (process design) 
ACPanalog content protection (copy protection) 
ACPaverage computer power (power management, AMD) 
ACPAanti cybersquatting consumer protection act 
ACPCautomatic control of power consumption
ACPIadvanced configuration and power interface (power management)
ACPMassociation control protocol machine  
ACPRadjacent channel power ratioNachbar-Leistungsverhältnis
ACPSanalog copy protection system
ACRattenuation to crosstalk ratio (wiring)Dämpfung-Nebensprech-Verhältnis
ACRallowed cell rate (ATM)
ACRadvanced cell routing 
ACRadvanced communication riser (card)
ACRAmerican college of radiology (medical) 
ACRabsolute category rating (speech quality) 
ACRalternate carrier routing (AIN) 
ACRanonymous call rejection  
ACRadvanced code reconstruction (character set)
ACRadvanced call routing 
ACRautomatic crash response (automotive) 
ACSasynchronous communications server
ACSaccess control system Zugriffssteuerungssystem  
ACSapplication customer service Anwendungskundendienst  
ACSadvanced communication service (WAN) 
ACSadvanced connectivity system (wiring)ACS-Verkabelungssystem
ACSasynchronous channel splitter 
ACSasynchronous connection server 
ACSautomated cartridge system  
ACSauto-configuration server (HG) 
ACSadjacent channel sensitivity 
ACSadvanced cellular system (Sweden) 
ACSaccess control systemZugangskontrollsystem
ACSAaccess control specific area (X.500) 
ACSBamplitude compandored sideband 
ACSEapplication control service element (OSI)Anwendungssteuerungs-Dienstelement
ACSEassociation control service element (OSI) 
ACSEaccess control and signalling element 
ACSKadaptive code shift keying (PLC) 
ACSPasynchronous connection server program (IBM) 
ACSPaccess control specific point (X.500) 
ACTapplied computerized telephony  
ACTapplication compatibility toolkit  
ACTDRMactive cross domain resource manager 
ACTE approval committee for telecommunications (CEPT) 
ACTEFaccess technologies forum
ACTLUactivate logical unit 
ACTPadvanced computer technology project  
ACTPUactivate physical unit (SNA) 
ACTSadvanced communications technology and services
ACTSautomatic coin telephone service 
ACUautomatic calling unit Automatische Wähleinrichtung  
ACUaddress control unit Adressensteuerungseinheit  
ACUautomatic client upgrade 
ACUadaptive control unit 
ACUalarm control unit 
ACUTadministration center & utilities  
ACWPactual cost of work performed (PM)Ist-Kosten der geleisteten Arbeit 
ACXasynchronous cross-connect (ATM) 
ADaddendum document (OSI) 
ADadministrative domain
Adonline advertisingOnline-Werbung
ADadjunct (IN) 
ADactive directory
ADapplication domain
ADAaudio distribution amplifierAudioverteiler
ADAaverage delay till abort 
ADAautomatic data acquisition 
ADACCautomatic directory assistance call completion  
ADADautomatic dialling and announcing device 
ADAMadaptive disc array management  
ADAMactive directory application mode (AD) 
ADASadvanced driver assistance system (automotive)Fortschrittliches Fahrerassistenzsystem
ADASautomated directory assistance service 
ADATAlesis digital audio tapeADAT-Schnittstelle
ADBApple desktop bus
ADCAmerican digital cellular (mobile communications) 
ADCactive dynamic control (yaw rate) 
ADCadaptive data compression 
ADCapplication detection and control (TDF) 
ADCapplication delivery controller
ADCApple display connector 
ADCCPadvanced data communication control procedure ADCCP-Protokoll
ADCIadvanced data call item (BOS) 
ADCSactive directory certificate service (AD) 
ADCTadaptive discrete cosine transform coding (video) 
ADDadvanced digital display 
ADDMDadministrative directory management domain (X.500) 
ADDPCMadaptive differential delta pulse code modulation
ADDSactive directory domain service (AD) 
ADEautomatic data acquisitionAutomatische Datenerfassung 
ADFautomatic document feederAutomatischer Dokumenteneinzug
ADFadapter description file (IBM) 
ADFadvanced differential fabric (CompactPCI)
ADFapplication development facility (IBM) 
ADFaudio distribution frame (rack) 
ADHaverage delay till handlingMittlere Wartezeit 
ADHautomatic data handling 
ADIaddress incomplete 
ADKadditional decryption key (security)
ADKaccessory development kit
ADKARawareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement (change management) 
ADLadvanced distributed learning (eLearning)
ADLaudio decision list 
ADLarchitecture description language 
ADLadventure description language 
ADLCadvanced data link controller
ADLDSactive directory lightweight directory service (AD) 
ADMasynchronous disconnect mode (HDLC)Unabhängiger Wartebetrieb
ADMadministration system  
ADMadaptive delta modulation Adaptive Deltamodulation
ADMadd/drop multiplexer (SDH)Add/Drop-Multiplexer
ADMapplication development & maintenance (FPA) 
ADMAarea division multiple access (mobile communications) 
ADMDadministration management domain (X.400)
ADMFadministration function (LI)
ADNaddress complete, no charge  
ADNadvanced digital network 
ADNabbreviated dialling number (SIM card) 
ADNapplication delivery network
ADOactiveX data object
ADPadvanced data processing 
ADPanswerer detection pattern 
ADPCMadaptive delta pulse code modulation (voice compression)Adaptive Delta-Pulscodemodulation
ADPEautomatic data processing equipment 
ADPMadaptive delta pulse modulation Adaptive Delta-Pulsmodulation  
ADPQHaverage daily peak quarterly hour 
ADPSautomatic data processing system Automatisches Datenverarbeitungssystem  
ADRautomatic data retrieval Automatische Datenwiedergewinnung  
ADRASTRA digital radio (satellite radio)
ADRadvanced digital recordingADR-Laufwerk
ADRadaptive cruise control (automotive)Automatische Abstandsregelung
ADRadaptive data rate (LoRaWAN) 
ADRDautomatic data rate detection (Modem)Automatische Erkennung der Datenrate  
ADSactive directory service (Microsoft)
ADSauxiliary data system 
ADSalternate data stream (NTFS)
ADSIactive directory service interface (Microsoft) 
ADSIanalog display services interface 
ADSLasymmetric digital subscriber line ADSL-Verfahren
ADSPAppleTalk data stream protocol
ADSRattack, decay, sustain, release (sound)ADSR-Modell
ADSUATM data service unit
ADTabstract data typeAbstrakter Datentyp
ADTadvanced DRAQM technology (memory) 
ADTadvanced display technology 
ADTFACR decrease time factor (ATM)
ADTSautomatic digital terminal system 
ADUautomatic dialling unit Automatische Wähleinrichtung 
ADVautomatic data processing Automatische Datenverarbeitung  
ADXautomatic data exchange Automatische Datenvermittlung  
AEaction evolution (AI) 
AEBautonomous emergency braking (automotive)Autonomes Bremssystem
AECacoustic echo cancelation (mobile communications) 
AECarchitecture, engineering, and construction
AECautomotive electronic council
AECactive energy control (protection)
AECavailability environment classification (high availability)
AECautomatic exposure control (camera) 
aecXMLarchitecture, engineering, construction XML 
AEIadditional equipment interface 
AEIapplication enabling interface (IBM) 
AEIancillary equipment interface 
AEPAppleTalk echo protocol
AERMalignment error rate monitor
AESadvanced environment specification  
AESadvanced encryption standard (DES)AES-Verschlüsselung
AESapplication environment specification  
AESaudio engineering society
AESaircraft earth station 
AES-CCMadvanced encryption standard counter mode & CBC-MAC
AET application entity title (OSI) 
AETadvanced evasion technique
AFaudio frequency Tonfrequenz
AFaddress field Adressenfeld
AFassured forwarding (QoS) 
AFaccess frame (mobile communications) 
AFalternative frequencyAlternative Frequenz (RDS) 
AFantenna factorAntennenfaktor
AFapplication function (LTE, NGN)
AFanisotropic filtering 
AFautomatic focusAutomatischer Fokus 
AFAadaptive frequency agility (transmitter)
AFBautomatic fallbackFallback
AFDadaptive forward differencing (rendering) 
AFDactive format description (TV) 
AFDWactive framework for data warehousing 
AFDXavionics full duplex switched Ethernet
AFEanalog front end (PLC)Analog-Frontend
AFeNanalog telephone networkAnaloges Fernsprechnetz  
AFEXTalien far end crosstalkFremdfernübersprechen
AFFadvanced function feature Erweiterte Funktionseinrichtung  
AFFPaccelerator force feedback pedal (automotive)
AFFSadvanced fringe field switching (display) 
AFHadaptive frequency hopping (Bluetooth, 802.11)
AFIauthority and format identifier (OSI)
AFIapplication family identifier (chip card) 
AFIPSAmerican federation of information processing societiesDachverband Datenverarbeitung USA  
AFISautomated fingerprint identification system
AFKaway from keyboard 
AFLabstract family of language (programming language) 
AFLafter fader listening (audio)
AFLadaptive forward lighting (automotive) 
AFLTadvanced forward link trilateration (location)
AFMAdobe font metrics (typeface)
AFMatomic force microscope 
AFManti fraud management 
AFNaddress complete, no charge, subsciber free 
AFNORassociation francaise de normalisation  
AFOSactive fiber optic segment (LAN) 
AFPAppleTalk filing protocol AFP-Protokoll
AFPadvanced function presentation (SAA) 
AFPAadvanced function printing architecture (IBM) 
AFRautomatic frequency control Automatische Frequenzregelung
AFRannual failure rate (MTBF)
AfriNICAfrican network information center (IP address) 
AFSAndrew file systemAndrew Filesystem
AFSadaptive front lighting system (automotive)Adaptives Licht
AFSactive front steering (automotive) 
AFSadvanced freephone service 
AFSKaudio frequency shift keying
AFTadapter fault toleranceAdapter-Fehlertoleranz
AFTautomatic fine tuning (tuner) 
AFTPanonymous FTPAnonymes FTP
AFUamateur radioAmateurfunk
AFXaddress complete, subsciber free, coin box 
AGaccess governanceAccess Governance
AG-ANDassisted gale AND 
AGAadvanced graphic adapter  
AGCadaptive gain control (mobile communications)
AGCadvanced ground contact (SCA connector) 
AGCHaccess grant channel (GSM)
AGFall glass fiber (fiber optics)
AGIartificial general intelligence 
AGMactivated glass mat (accu) 
AGMabsorbent glass mat (accu)Blei-Vlies-Akku
AGOFArbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung
AGPaccelerated graphics portAGP-Bus
AGPSassisted GPS
AGSadaptive gear controlAdaptive Getriebesteuerung 
AGSaggregation switch 
AGTanode gate thyristor 
AGUaddress generation unit (CPU)
AGWaccess gateway 
AHapplication protocol header Anfangskennsatz Anwendungsprotokoll  
AHauthentication header (IPv6)
Ahamps hour (car battery)Amperestunde (Akku)
AH-IPSadvanced high performance IPS 
AHAaccelerated hub architecture (Intel) 
AHBadvanced high-performance bus (ARM)AHB-Bus
AHBautomatic high-beam assistanceAutomatischer Fernlicht-Assistent
AHCIadvanced host controller interface (SATA)
AHDaudio high density 
AHFactive harmonic filterAktive harmonische Filter 
AHFactive harmonic filter 
AHFGATM attached host functional group
AHLautomatic headlamp levelling (automotive) 
AHNad-hoc networkAd-hoc-Netz
AHTATM header translator 
AHTaverage handle time (call procedure)
AIapplication entity (OSI)Anwendungsinstanz
AIair interface (mobile communications)Luftschnittstelle
AIauthentification information (security) 
AIacpuisition identicator (UMTS) 
AIarticulation index (acoustics)
AIanalog input 
AIanswer indicator 
AIappreciative inquiry (management) 
AIairborne InternetAirborne Internet
AIadapted information (ON) 
AIAapplication integration architecture  
AIAautomated image association 
AIAGautomotive industry action group (automotive) 
AIAMassociation of international automobile manufacturer 
AIBOartifical intelligence robot 
AICautomatic intercept center 
AICHacpuisition identicator channel (UMTS) 
AICPAAmerican institute of certified public accountants 
AIDapplication identifier (chipcard)
AIDassociation ID (802.11) 
AIDCautomatic identification and data captureAIDC-Technik
AIFCaudio interchange file format compressed
AIFFaudio interchange file formatAIFF-Dateiformat
AIFSarbitrated interframe space
AIGaddress indicating group
AIIMassociation for information and image management (BPM) 
AIKattestation identity key (TPM) 
AIMATM inverse multiplexer
AIManalog intensity modulation 
AIMadvanced information management (IBM) 
AIMapplication integration and middleware
AIMautomatic interface management (peripherals) 
AIMamplitude intensity modulation 
AIMautomatic identification manufacturer (2d code) 
AIMasynchronous interface module (router) 
AIMautomated infrastructure management (datacenter)Automatisiertes Infrastrukturmanagement
AIMDactive implantable medical device 
AiMFwire in metal foilAder in Metallfolie  
AIMSauto index mass storage (PCMCIA) 
AIMUXATM inverse multiplexing
AINadvanced intelligent network (IN/mobile communications)
AIOasynchronous input/output
AIODautomatic identified outward dialing
AIPadaptive Internet protocolAIP-Protokoll
AIPapplication infrastructure provider 
AiPall in one PCAll-in-One-PC
AIPATM interface processor 
AIPNall IP networkAll-IP-Netz
AIRadditive increase rate (ATM)
AIRAdobe integrated runtimeAdobe Air
AIRFadditive increase rate factor (ATM) 
AISalarm indication signal (SDH)Alarm-Indikationssignal
AISATM interface processor 
AISautomatic ship and identification surveillance system  
AISautomated information system
AISautomatic identification system 
AISGantenna interface standards group 
AITadvanced intelligent tapeAIT-Laufwerk
AITapplication information table (HbbTV)
AIXadvanced interactive executive (IBM)
AJanti jam (spread spectrum) 
AJAXasynchronous JavaScript and XML
akaalso known as
AKDauthentification key distribution (BOS) 
AKEauthentication and key exchange (DTCP) 
AKPadvanced key processor (encryption) 
AKPLacoustic coupler Akustikkoppler
ALaccess link (ATM)Anschlussstrecke  
ALsubscriber line Amtsleitung 
ALavailability level
ALaccess line (LL) 
AL-FECapplication layer forward error correction (IPTV) 
Al2O3aluminium oxideAluminiumoxid
ALACApple lossless audio codec 
ALACat-large advisory committee (RSSAC) 
ALARPas low as reasonable practible (automotive) 
ALBadaptive load balancingAdaptiver Lastenausgleich
ALCanalog leased circuit (WAN)Analoge Festverbindung
ALCadaption layer controller (ATM) 
ALCautomatic level control Automatische Pegelregelung
ALCabsorber-lined chamber
ALCasynchronous layered coding (DVB) 
ALCautomatic lighting control (automotive) 
ALCarithmetic and logic circuit 
ALCaccounting legend code 
ALCAPaccess link control application part (UMTS)
ALconsarticulation loss of consonants (audibility)
ALDatomic layer deposition (chip) 
ALDCadvanced lossless data compression (streamer)ALDC-Kompression
ALDISAustrian lightning detection and information system (EUCLID) 
ALEautomatic link establishment 
ALEaddress latch enable 
ALEapplication link enabling (R/3) 
ALECalternative local exchange carrier 
ALFaccurate positioning by low frequency (DGPS)
ALFapplication level firewall (security) 
ALGapplication layer gateway
AlGaAsaluminium gallium arsenideAluminiumgalliumarsenid 
AlGaInNaluminium gallium indium nitrideAluminiumgalliumindiumnitrid 
AlGaInPalluminuim gallium indium phosphideAluminiumgalliumindiumphosphid  
AlGaNaluminium gallium nitrideAluminiumgalliumnitrid 
ALGOL 60algorithmic language
ALIapplication layer interface (OSI) 
ALIautomatic location identification (location) 
AlInGaPaluminium indium gallium and phosphide (LED)
AlInPalluminium indium phosphideAluminiumindiumphosphid  
ALISaccess lines in service 
ALiSalternate lighting of surface (display) 
ALIVHany layer internal via hole (PCB)
ALLadaptable log layout  
ALLapplication layer logic (HG) 
ALMAppWare loadable module 
ALMasynchronous line multiplexer 
ALMapplication lifecycle management
AlNalluminium nitrideAluminiumnitrid 
ALOat least once (ATP) 
ALPappliance link protocol (Sun) 
ALPGalgorithmic pattern generator 
ALPRautomatic license-plate recognition  
ALRactive steering controlAktive Lenkregelfunktion (ESP) 
ALRAutomatische Lautstärkeregelung 
ALSadjacent link station (IBM) 
ALSapplication layer structure (OSI) 
ALSalternate line service (GSM)
ALSactive line state 
ALSambient light sensor (ACPI)
ALSadvanced low power Schottky 
ALS-TTLadvanced low power Schottky TTL
ALSAadvanced Linux sound architecture 
AlSiCaluminum silicon carbide (microwave) 
ALTautomatic link transfer 
ALUarithmetic logic unit Rechenwerk
ALVTadvanced low voltage technology (chip)
AL_PAarbitrated loop physical address
AMaccess module Zugriffsmodul  
AMaccounting management Abrechnungsmanagement
AMamplitude modulation Amplitudenmodulation
AMaccess manager (PACS)
AMactive monitor (TR)
AMrequirements engineeringAnforderungsmanagement
AMadditive manufacturing (3D printing) 
AMair massLuftmasse
AMactiv matrixAktivmatrix
AM-PSKamplitude modulation phase shift keying
AM3ATLAS mega-modell management 
AMAautomatic message accounting
AMAactive member address (Bluetooth)
AMADNSAMA data networking system (OSS) 
AMBadvanced memory buffer (memory)
AMBAadvanced microcontroller bus architecture
AMCaudio modem codec 
AMCadaptive modulation and coding (HSDPA)
AMCadvanced Mezzanin cardAMC-Modul
AMCadministrative management complex 
AMCautomatic modulation classification (cognitive radio) 
AMDpublished addemdum to a published standard 
AMDactive matrix display (OLED) 
AMDSAM radio data system (mobile communications) 
AMEasynchronous modem eliminator (Modem)
AMEadvanced metal evaporated (magnetic tape)AME-Technologie
AMEamplitude modulation equivalent 
AMEautomatic message exchange
AMELactive matrix electro luminescense display 
AMFall media floppy (drive) 
AMFaction message format (flash player) 
AMFaction message formatAMF-Dateiformat
AMFMAdobe multiple font metrics (typeface) 
AMGaccess media gateway (NGN)
AMIalternate mark inversion AMI-Codierung
AmIambient intelligence
AMIadvanced metering infrastructure (smart metering)AMI-System
AMI-Cautomotive multimedia interface collaboration
AMICSadvanced multimedia and image communication system 
AMIS-Aaudio message interchange specification, analog (UMS)
AMLanti-money laundering (financial)
AMLapproved manufacturers list (BoM) 
AMLCDactive matrix liquid crystal display (TFT) 
AMMautomated meter management (smart meter)
AMMAATLAS model management architecture 
AMNartificial mains network
AMOLEDactive matrix OLED
AMPamplifier Verstärker
AMPasymmetric multiprocessing 
AMPaudio MPEG player (MP3 player) 
AMPasynchronous mapping procedure 
AMPalternate MAC/PHY (BHS) 
AMParchitects of modern power 
AMPSautomatic message processing system (mobile communications) 
AMPSadvanced mobile phone system (mobile communications)
AMRaudio modem riser
AMRadaptive multirate (compression)
AMRanisotropic magneto-resistive (storage)AMR-Sensor
AMRautomatic meter reading (smart meter)Automatische Zählerablesung
AMRambulatory medical record 
AMR-NBadaptive multirate narrowband 
AMR-WBadaptive multirate wideband 
AMRSambulatory medical record system 
AMSaudio/visual multimedia service (ATM)
AMSapplication management standard
AMSadvanced microcumputer systemAMS-Bus
AMSasset management system 
AMSapplication management software (Java) 
AMSRadvanced mobile service registry (GSM, UMTS) 
AMSSaeronautical mobile satellite service (satellite com.)
AMTair motion transformer 
AMTAAmerican mobile telecommunications association  
AMTSadvanced mobile telephone system (Japan)
AMTSautomated maritime telecommunications system
AMUXarithmetic logic unit multiplexer (ALU) 
AMVAadvanced multi-domain alignment (MVA) 
AMWATLAS model weaver  
ANalphanumeric Alphanumerik
ANaccess nodeNetzknoten
ANaccess networkZugangsnetz
ANAarticle numbering association (EAN) 
ANBAlternative Netzbetreiber 
ANCanswer signal, charge 
ANCancillary data space (digital video)
ANCactive noise cancellingANC-Verfahren
ANCautomatic noise control (hearing aid) 
ANDautomatic network dialing 
ANDFarchitecture neutral distribution format (OSF) 
ANDMSadvanced network design and management  
ANDSFaccess network discovery and selection function (LTE) 
ANEXTalien near end crosstalkFremdnahübersprechen
ANFadditional network feature 
ANFautomatic number forwarding 
ANIautomatic number identificationAutomatische Rufnummernidentifizierung
ANIaccess network interface (MAN) 
ANIapplication network interface (NGN) 
ANISanalog connection to ISDNAnaloger Anschluss am ISDN
ANLautomatic noise limiter
ANManswer message
ANMPaccount network management program  
ANNanswer signal, no charge  
ANNartifical neural networkNeuronales Netz
ANPautonegotiation protocolAutonegotiation
ANPautomatic numbering plan 
ANPRautomatic number plate recognition Automatische Kennzeichenerkennung
ANRadvanced network routing (SNA) 
ANRautomatic network routing (SNA)
ANRautomatic noise reductionAutomatische Rauschreduzierung
ANRautomatic neighbour relations (HSPA+) 
ANR automatic neighbour recognition (LTE-A) 
ANRSautomatic noise reduction system 
ANSadvanced network services (Internet) 
ANSanswer message 
ANSAmerican national standard 
ANSAalternate network service agreement 
ANSIAmerican national standards institute Nationales Standardisierungsinstitut
Antanother neat tool Another
ANUanswer signal, unqualified (control character) 
ANVMactive nonvolatile memory
ANWadvanced NetWare 
ANXautomotive network exchange (Extranet) 
AOabort output  
AOanalog output 
AO/DIalways on/dynamic ISDN
AoAangle of arrival (location)
AOACalways on always connected (mobile communications) 
AoCadvice of charge (ISDN)Gebühreninformation
AOCADSL overhead channel 
AOCactive optical cable (10GbE)AOC-Kabel
AoCDAoC during call
AoCEAoC at end of call (ISDN)
AOCEApple open collaborative environment (programming interface) 
AOCRGadd-on charge (ETSI) 
AoCS AoC at start of call (ISDN)
AODabort of dialling (Modem)Wahlabbruch  
AODadvanced optical discAOD-Disc
AoDaudio on demandAudio-on-Demand
AODVad-hoc on-demand distance vector (ad-hoc network)
AoEaudio over Ethernet
AOESautomated order entry system (business)
AoFauthoring on the fly 
AOFFall optical flip flop (photonics)
AOIautomatic optical inspection AOI-Test
AoIPaudio over Internet protocol 
AOLAmerica Online
AOMacoustic optical modulator (laser)Akusto-optischer Modulator
AoMPLSany transport over MPLS (Cisco) 
AONactive optical network (MAN)Aktives optisches Netzwerk
AONall optical network
AOPaspect oriented programming Aspektorientierte Programmierung
AOPargument of perigae (sat) 
AOPSautomated office protocol standard  
AOQaverage outgoing quality 
AORatlantic ocean regionAtlantische Ozeanregion (Sat.-Kom.) 
AORatlantic ocean region (sat. com.)
AOTahead of time  
AOTFacousto optic tunable filter  
AOZaddress complete Adresse ohne Zusatzinformationen  
APapplication process (OSI)Anwendungsprozess
APapplication profile (OSI) 
APaccess point (WLAN)Zugangspunkt
APadministrative point (X.500) 
APapplication part (SS7)Anwendungsteil
APaccess preamble (UMTS) 
APanomalous propagation 
APapplication protocol 
APadvanced prediction 
APartifical passenger (automotive)
AP-CCIRNAsia/Pacific Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks 
APAadaptive packet assembly
APAall points addressable (graphics)
APAAagressive packet adaptive assembly  
APACasia pacific 
APACSassociation for payment clearing services (eCommerce) 
APADasynchronous packet assembler/disassembler 
APBadvanced peripheral bus (AMBA)APB-Bus
APCadaptive predictive coding (ADC)
APCworkplace computerArbeitsplatzcomputer  
APCangle polished convex (fiber optics)
APCadaptive power control (transmitter)
APCassociation for progressive computing 
APCadjacent point code (Hop)
APCasynchronous procedure call
APCautomatic power control (FSO)
APCAmphenol precision connectorAPC-Stecker
APCadvanced process control
APCadvanced power controller (powerWise) 
APCGATM pilot coordination group 
APCMadaptive PCM (Modulation) 
APCOassociation of public safty communication officials 
APCPaccess point control protocol (WATM)APCP-Protokoll
APCVDatmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (chip design)
APDavalanche photo diode (fiber optics)Lawinenfotodiode (LwL)
APDamplitude probability distribution Amplitudenwahrscheinlichkeitsverteilung 
APDEXapplication performance index (SLA) 
APDNapplication data unit (OSI) 
APDoSadvanced persistent denial of service APDoS-Attacke
APDUapplication protocol data unit (OSI)Anwendungsprotokoll-Dateneinheit
APEall paths explorer frame  
APEmonkeys audioMonkeys Audio
APEapplication point entity (multipoint-sharing) 
APFall plastic fiber (fiber optics)Plastikfaser
APGapplication program generator 
APGannealed pyrolytic graphite (dissipation material) 
APGLa programming language for graphics 
APIapplication programming interface Programmierschnittstelle
APIaccess preamble indicator (UMTS) 
API/CSAPI communication services API/Kommunikationsdienste  
APIAactive/passive integration approach (automotive)Aktive/passive Sicherheit
APICadvanced programmable interrupt controller
APIPAautomatic private IP addressingAuto-IP-Protokoll
APIXautomotive pixel link
APLapplication layer Anwendungsschicht
APLa programming language
APLautomatic person location (location) 
APLafter processing listen (audio) 
APLaverage picture level
APLAbschlusspunkt Linientechnik
APLCactive powerline conditioner 
APMadditional packet mode
APMadvanced power management (PC)
APMapplication transport mechanism (ITU-T Q.765) 
APMapplication performance management
APMapplication portfolio management
APMadditive-pulse mode locking 
APMBSassociated packet mode bearer service 
APMLattention profiling markup language
APNaccess point name (GPRS)
APNaccess point node (RAN) 
APNGanimated portable network graphics (file format)
APNICAsian Pacific network information center (Internet)
APOadvanced planner and optimizer  
APONATM over passive optical network
APOPauthenticated post office protocol (Internet)APOP-Protokoll
APOXIapplication programming object-oriented extendable interface (MMI)
APPapplication portability profile  
APPaccelerator pedal (automotive) 
APPCadvanced program to program communication (SNA)
APPCMaccess protection and priority control mechanism (DQDB) 
APPIadvanced peer to peer internetworking 
APPLI/COMapplication/communication APPLI/COM-Schnittstelle
APPNadvanced peer to peer networking (SNA)
APPNTAMAPPN topology and accounting manager (SNA) 
APPOSapproximate position 
APPVadvanced pay-per-view (NVoD) 
APQPadvanced product quality planning (automotive) 
APRworkplace computerArbeitsplatzrechner
APRaccess point roaming (Bluetooth) 
APRArbeitsgemeinschaft privater Rundfunkanbieter (Lokalradios) 
APRabsolute pull range (oscillator)
APRacoustic pulse recognition (touchscreen)Akustische Pulserkennung
APRPadaptive pattern recognition processAdaptive Mustererkennung
APRSautomatic position reporting system (mobile communications)
APRTactive paging radio terminal (BOS) 
APSautomatic protection switching (Sonet)
APSanalog protection system (copy protection)
APSassembly programming system (program) 
APSadvanced planning system (Operation Research) 
APSadvanced production system 
APSapplication provided sublayer (ZigBee) 
APSacoustic parking system (automotive) 
APSapplication support layer (ZigBee) 
APSautomated programming system (tv set) 
APSadvanced photo systemAPS-Film
APSadvanced planning and scheduling 
APSapplication packaging standard (SaaS)
APSactive pixel sensor (CMOS) 
APSKasymmetric phase shift keying
APSPall pairs shortest path (SPB) 
APTadvanced persistent threat (hacker)
AQadaptive quantisation (Modulation) 
AQLacceptable quality level
ARdepartmental computerAbteilungsrechner
ARaccess rateZugriffsgeschwindigkeit
ARadaptive routing 
ARaccess routerAccess-Router
ARaddress registerAdressregister
ARaccess registrar
ARaspect ratio (PCB)
ARaugmented realityErweiterte Realität
ARalarm report 
ARautomatic recall 
ARAattribute registration authority (X.400)
ARAAppleTalk remote access 
ARAPAppleTalk remote access protocolARAP-Protokoll
ARBadaptive rate-based congestion control
ARBarbitrate primitive signal (FC_AL) 
ARCattached resource computer  
ARCadvanced RISC computing 
ARCATM research consortium 
ARCaudio return channel (HDMI)Audio-Rückkanal
ARCanti reflective coating (photovoltaics)Antireflexionsschicht
ARCaudio response controller 
ARCadaptive reception control 
ARCaccess rights class (DECT) 
ARCAadvanced RISK computing architecture 
ARCHaccess response channel 
ARCnetattached resources computer network (LAN)
ARCSASTRA return channel system
ARDgeneral broadcasting GermanyAllgemeiner Rundfunk Deutschland 
ARDaccess rights details (DECT) 
ARDISadvanced radio data information service 
AREall routes explorer
AREAarea identifier (ATM address) 
ARFacknowledgement run flag  
ArFargon fluorideArgon-Fluorid (Laser) 
ARFCNabsolute radio frequency channel number (GSM) 
ARFNabsolute radio frequency number (UMTS) 
ARIARI travel newsAutofahrer-Rundfunk-Information
ARIaccess rights identity (DECT) 
ARI/FCIaddress recognized indicator / frame copied indicator (TR) 
ARIBassociation of radio industries and business (Japan)
ARINAmerican registry for Internet numbers
ARISaggregate route IP switching (MPLS) 
ARISCadvanced RISC 
ARJadmission rejection
ARJaugmented RJARJ45-Stecker
ARLadjusted ring length (TR)Einstellung der Ringleitungslänge
ARLLadvanced run length limited (RLL)
ARMasynchronous response mode (HDLC)Spontanbetrieb
ARMapplication response measurement
ARMadvanced RISC machine (computer architecture)ARM-Prozessor
ARNSaeronautical radio navigation system (Galileo) 
AROMassociative read only memory 
ARPaddress resolution protocol (IP)ARP-Protokoll
ARPadaptive routing protocol 
ARPactive roll-over protection (automotive) 
ARPaerospace recommended practice (automotive) 
ARPantenna reference point 
ARPallocation and retention priority (QoS) 
ARPAadvanced research projects agency
ARPAaddress and routing parameter area (E.164, Enum) 
ARPANETadvanced research projects agency network
ARPUaverage revenue per userDurchschnittlicher Umsatz je Nutzer
ARQautomatic repeat request ARQ-Verfahren
ARQadmission request (RAS) 
ARRautomatic re-routing Automatische Wegerneuerung
ARRasynchronous reply required (control character)Asynchrone Antwort erforderlich  
ARRautomatic retransmission request Anforderung einer automatischen Rückübertragung 
ARRAannounced retransmission random access (satellite comm.)
ARRLAmerican radio relay league  
ARSautomatic route selection (Routing)Automatische Wegwahl
ARSaddress resolution server (Internet) 
ARSautomatic response system
ARTaddress resolution table (ISDN) 
ARTISTadvanced real time system (automotive) 
ARTMadaptive realtime monitoring (smart meter) 
ARTOBamateur radio transponder on baloon  
ARTouradvanced radio communications on tour (Modacom/IBM) 
ARTSAmerican radio telephon system 
ARUaudio response unitSprachausgabesystem
ARUalarm relay unit 
ARUactive rectifier unit (HGÜ) 
ARVasynchronous space multiplexAsynchrones Raumvielfach (Vermittlung) 
ARXautomatic retransmission exchange Vermittlung mit automatischer Weiterschaltung 
ASautonomous system Autonomes System
ASair station (TFTS)Funkstation 
ASadvanced server (Windows) 
ASauthentication service (DCE) 
ASaddress spaceAdressraum
ASadvanced Schottky 
ASauthentication server (KDC)Authentifikations-Server
ASapplication sharing
ASarticulation score (speech)
AS&Wattack sensing and warning
AS-iactuator sensor interfaceAS-Interface
AS-IPSadvanced super IPS 
AS-TTLadvanced Schottky TTL (logic)
AS/400application system 400 (IBM)
ASAamerican standards association Amerikanisches Normungsgremium  
ASAaverage speed of answer
ASAautomotive service association  
ASAacoustical society of America 
ASAabort session answer (NGN) 
ASAadvertising standards authority  
ASAauthorized shared access (LTE) 
ASAIaverage service ability index (energy) 
ASAMATM subscriber access multiplexer
ASAMassociation for standardisation and measuring systems
asapas soon as possible  
ASAPapplication specific access profile (DECT) 
ASAP-SGadvanced security accelaration, smart grid 
ASBassociated body Assoziierte Organisation  
AsBlocal loopAnschlussbereich
ASBadvanced system bus (AMBA)ASB-Bus
asbapostilb (light density) 
ASBRautonomous system boundary router
AsBVStlast mile exchangeAnschlussbereichsvermittlungsstelle  
ASCamerican standards committee Amerikanisches Normungskomitee 
ASCautomatic sequence control Automatische Steuerung der Reihenfolge  
ASCasynchronous serial channel (CPU) 
ASCaccess service class (UMTS) 
ASCautomatic stability controlAutomatische Stabilitätskontrolle 
ASCantenna system controller (UMTS) 
ASCaccredited standards committees (IEEE) 
ASCautomatic squelch control 
ASCEapplication sharing conference entity (T.128) 
ASCIadvanced speech call item (GSM, BOS)
ASCRasymmetrical silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) 
ASCUagent-set control unit 
ASDautomatic software distribution 
ASDautostereoscopic display (3D) 
ASDagile software development  
ASDSPAppleTalk secure data stream protocol
ASEapplication service element (OSI, ETSI)Anwendungs-Dienstelement
ASEamplified spontaneous emission (OA)
ASE/CCRASE/commitment, concurrency and recovery  
ASFadvanced streaming format (file format)ASF-Dateiformat
ASFautomatic sheet feeder (printer, scanner)Automatischer Einzelblatteinzug 
ASFanti static floor (ESD) 
ASFSaudiosoft file structure (MP3)
ASIasynchronous/synchronous interface  
ASIATM service interface 
ASIasynchronous serial interface  
ASIasynchronous SCSI interface 
ASIBapplication specified interconnection board (PCB) 
ASICapplication specific integrated circuit
ASIEapplication specific information element (WLAN) 
ASILautomotive safety integrity level (automotive)
ASIOaudio stream input/output
ASIPapplication specific instruction set processor 
ASKamplitude shift keying (Modulation)Amplitudenumtastung
ASLhorizontal cablingAnschlussleitung
ASLadaptive speed leveling (modem) 
ASLAapplication service level agreement (ASP)
ASLTadvanced solid logic technology 
ASMautomated storage management 
ASMapplication specific memory 
ASMaddress space management (IPAM)Adressraumverwaltung
ASNautonomous system number 
ASNauxilliary signal network 
ASNaccess service network (WiMAX) 
ASN.1abstract syntax notation one
ASOapplication service object (OSI) 
ASOaddress supporting organization (ICANN) 
ASONautomatically switched optical network
ASPabstract syntax processor  
ASPactive splitting point (splitter) 
ASPapplication service providerApplication-Service-Provider
ASPAppleTalk session protocolASP-Protokoll
ASPabstract service primitive (OSI)Abstrakte Dienstprimitive
ASPmain memoryArbeitsspeicher
ASPactive server pages
ASPassociation for shareware professionals 
ASPapplication service providing
ASPadvanced simple profile (MPEG-4) 
ASPadvanced peripheral bus (AMBA) 
ASPadjunct service point (IN) 
ASPautomatic signal processing (hearing aid) 
ASP.NETactive server pages .NET
ASPDUapplication sharing protocol data unit  
ASPECadaptive spectral entropy coding
ASPIadvanced SCSI programming interfaceASPI-Schnittstelle
ASPICapplication service provider industry consortium
ASRautomatic send/receive (modem)Automatisches Senden und Empfangen  
ASRautomatic speech recognition (UMS)Automatische Spracherkennung
ASRtraction control systemAntischlupfregelung (Automotive)
ASRabort session request (NGN) 
ASRautomatic system recovery (OS recovery)
ASRanswered call ratio 
ASRaverage success rate (call attempts) 
ASRanswer to seizure ratio (CAPS) 
ASRSair route surveillance radar (antenna) 
ASSIalias short subscriber identity (TETRA, TSI) 
ASSPapplication specific standard product (IC)
ASTautomatic spanning tree (SRB)
ASTautomated storage tiering
ASTAadvanced software technology and algorithm (HPCC) 
ASTCaudio sector time code
ASTFanti spam task force 
ASTMAmerican society for testing and materials 
ASTNautomatically switched transport network
ASUasync to sync converterAsynchron/Synchron-Umsetzer (IDN) 
ASUautomatic noise rejectionAutomatische Störunterdrückung 
ASVadvanced super view (display)
ASVDanalog simultaneous voice and data
ASXadvanced stream redirector
Async. SRAMasynchronous static RAMAsynchrones SRAM
ATattention command set (Modem) 
ATauthentification triplets (WLAN) 
ATadvanced technology
ATamplifier telegram (Sercos) 
ATavionics termination 
ATacceptance testingAbnahmetest
ATAadvanced technology attachment (PC)ATA-Schnittstelle
ATAanalog terminal adapter 
ATAaverage time to answer 
ATAanalog telephone adapterAnalog-Telefon-Adapter 
ATAanalog telephone adapterVoIP-Adapter
ATAAT attachment 
ATABarray tape automated bonding (PCB) 
ATAPIAT attachment packet interface (PC)
ATBall trunks busy
ATBautomated ticket and boarding pass 
ATBadvanced trace bus (AMBA)ATB-Bus 
ATBCaggregated transmission bandwidth configuration (carrier aggregation) 
ATCadaptive transform coding (encoding) 
ATCATM transfer capability 
ATCancillary time code ATC-Zeitcode
ATCair traffic control 
ATCaddress translation controller (ATM) 
ATCauthorized test center 
ATCAadvanced telecom computing architectureAdvancedTCA
ATCPAppleTalk control protocol
ATCXOanalog temperature compensated crystal oscillator
ATDasynchronous time division Asynchrones Zeitmultiplex
ATDattribute discovery 
ATDMasynchronous time division multiplexing
ATDPattention dial pulse (AT command) 
ATDTattention dial tone (AT command) 
ATEautomatic test equipment 
ATERATIP error rate (CD, orange book) 
ATEXatmosphère explosibles
ATFapplication transport failover (SAN) 
ATFautomatic track finding 
ATFPAppleTalk filing protocol
ATGaddress translation gateway (NAT) 
ATHattention hangup 
ATIDaddress type identifier in demand (Tetra) 
ATIIapplication transport instruction indicator (ITU-T Q.762) 
ATIMannouncement traffic indication message (802.11)
ATIPabsolute time in pregroove (CD)ATIP-Code
ATIPAppleTalk tunneling through IP 
ATISalliance for telecommunications industry solutions 
ATLATM layerATM-Schicht
ATLautomated tape library
ATLATLAS transformation language
ATLadaptive threshold learning (neural networks) 
ATLactive template library (activeX) 
ATMasynchronous transfer mode Asynchroner Übertragungsmodus
ATMair traffic management Flugverkehrsmanagement 
ATM-SDUATM service data unit ATM-Dienstelement  
ATMARPATM address resolution protocol 
ATMMATM management 
ATMPascend tunnel management protocol 
ATNaugmented transition network  
ATOassemble to orderAssemble-to-Order
ATOapproval to operate (management)
ATOWacquisition and tracking orderwire 
ATPAppleTalk transaction protocol ATP-Protokoll
ATPALPS tunneling protocol
ATPadaptive tolerant protocol (modem)
ATPATLAS technical projectors 
ATPapplication transaction program (APPC) 
ATPCautomatic transmission power control 
ATPGautomated test pattern generation (test system)Automatische Testmustergenerierung
ATQanswer to request (chip card) 
ATRanswer to reset (chipcard)
ATRaudio tape recorderTonbandgerät
ATRACadaptive transform acoustic coding
ATRCadvanced television research consortium 
ATSabstract test suite
ATSapplicant tracking system  
ATSCadvanced television systems committee
ATSC-M/Hadvanced television systems committee (mobile TV)
ATTattenuation Dämpfung
ATTattribute protocol (IPSP, Bluetooth)
ATTSautomatic tape time select (VHS) 
ATUADSL transceiver unit
ATU-CADSL transceiver unit central office end
ATU-RADSL transceiver unit remote terminal end
ATVadvanced television (USA) 
ATVamateur television (amateur radio) 
ATVEFadvanced television enhancement forum
ATXAT extended (Motherboard)ATX-Formfaktor
AUaccess unit (X.400)Zugriffseinheit
AUadministrative unit (SDH)Verwaltungselement
AUaudio data
AUaddress unit (CPU) 
AUastronomical unit 
AUCauthentication center (GSM)
AUGadministrative unit group (SDH)
AUIattachment unit interface (LAN)
AUIFAUI female (Stecker) 
AUIMAUI male (connector) 
AUPacceptable use policy
AURPAppleTalk update-based routing protocolAURP-Protokoll
AUSMATM user service module 
AUTHauthentification service 
Auto-IDautomatic identification systemAutomatisches Identifikationssystem
AUTOSARautomotive open system architecture (automotive)
AUXauxiliary Hilfsfunktion
Aux-Inauxiliary inputAux-Eingang
AVaugmented virtuality
AV2AV2 standard (HomePlug)AV2-Standard
AVAattribute value assertion (OSI) 
AVAaudio/video bridging automotive (AVB) 
AVAanonymous video analytics 
AVBaudio video bridging (802.1)
AVBOadvanced voice busy out  
AVBTPAVB transport protocol 
AVCaccess vector cache (Linux) 
AVCadvanced video coding (H.264)
AVCautomatic volume controlAutomatische Lautstärkeregelung
AVCaudio video connection 
AVCactive voltage conditioner  
AVCautomatic voltage conditioner (energy) 
AVCHDadvanced video codec high definition
AVCTPaudio video control transport protocol (Bluetooth)
AVDalternate voice/data (WAN)Abwechselnd Sprache/Daten
AVDaxial vapor deposition 
AVDLapplication vulnerability description language
AVDTPaudio video distribution transport protocol (Bluetooth)
AVIaudio video interleave (file format)AVI-Dateiformat
AVIautomatic vehicle identification (traffic)
AVKaudio video kernel 
AVLautomatic vehicle locator (traffic)Automatischer Fahrzeug-Locator
AVLtrunk lineAmtsverbindungsleitung
AVLautomatic volume limiter (audio)
AVLSautomatic volume limiter system (audio) 
AVMATM voice multiplexer 
AVMMSaudio visual multimedia service 
AVoDaudio and video on demand 
AVONAmtliches Verzeichnis der Ortsnetzkennziffern 
AVPattribute value pair (NGN) 
AVRautomatic gain control Automatische Verstärkungsregelung
AVRautomatic voice recognition  
AVRautomatic voltage regulator (power control) 
AVRCPaudio video remote control profile (Bluetooth)
AVSadaptive voltage scaling (power management)
AVSaddress verification system
AVStinternational switching centerAuslandvermittlungsstelle
AVTactive voice technology (UMS) 
AVTaudio/video transport (IP/IETF) 
AVVIDarchitecture for voice, video, and integrated data 
AWadmin workstation
AWadministrative weight
AWautomatic white balance (video)Automatischer Weißabgleich
AWADoautomatic extension outletAutomatische Wechselschalter-Anschlussdose
AWAGAutomatisches Wähl- und Ansagegerät (Alarmanalage) 
AWDauto-dial device Automatische Wähleinrichtung
AWFQadaptive weighted fair queuing (TS)
AWGAmerican wire gauge (wiring)Amerikanisches Drahtmaß
AWGarrayed waveguide grating
AWGNadditive white gaussian noise
AWIANasymmetric wireless Internet access network 
AWPPadaptive wireless path protocol (802.11s)
AWScall deflection (ETSI)Anrufweiterschaltung
AWSadvanced weight sensing (automotive) 
AWSAmazon web service 
AWSadvanced wireless service 
AWTabstract Windowing toolkit (Java)
AWUGAutomatisches Wähl- und Übertragungsgerät (Alarmanlage) 
AXIautomatic X-ray inspectionAXI-Test
AXIadvanced extensible interface (AMBA) 
AXIeadvancedTCA extensions for instrumentation and test
AXTalien crosstalkFremdnebensprechen
AZVauto zero amplifierAutozero-Verstärker 
AZVexternal exchange of paymentsAuslandszahlungsverkehr