Abkürzungverzeichnis für CG

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C2G consumer to government (EN)
C2H car to home (automotive) (EN)
C2I car to infrastructure (EN)
C2M car to mobile (automotive) (EN)
C2R car to roadside (automotive) (EN)
C2X car to x (EN)
C3 command, control, and communications (military) (EN)
C3 cleaved-coupled-cavity (laser) (EN)
C4 controlled collapse chip connection (package) (EN)
C5 controlled collapse chip connection on ceramic (package) (EN)
CA common applications (EN)
CA channel adapter (EN)
CA computer aided (EN)
CA cordless access (WLAN) (EN)
CA channel aggregation (EN)
CA cellular automaton (EN)
CA congestion avoidance (EN)
CA contingency analysis (smart grid) (EN)
CA collision avoidance (EN)
CA certification authority (PKI) (EN)
CA customer address (EN)
CA carrier aggregation (EN)
CA control account (PM) (EN)
CA chip authentication (EN)
CA cell allocation (UMTS) (EN)
CA conditional access (DVB) (EN)
CAA computer aided assembly (EN)
CAA computer aided architecture (EN)
CAAC computer aided advertising system (EN)
CAAD computer aided architectural design (EN)
CAAS channel adaptive antenna selection (diversity) (EN)
CaaS crimeware as a service (EN)
CaaS communication as a service (cloud computing) (EN)
CAB configurable analog block (FPAA) (EN)
CAB conformity assessment body (EMI) (EN)
CABA continental automated buildings association (USA) (EN)
CABAC context based adaptive binary arithmetic coding (H.263, H.264) (EN)
CABS carrier access billing system (EN)
CABX computerized automatic branch exchange (EN)
CAC customer access connection (EN)
CAC call admission control (EN)
CAC carrier access code (EN)
CAC connection admission control (ATM) (EN)
CAC call accepted (EN)
CAC computer aided communication (EN)
CAC channel access code (Bluetooth) (EN)
CAC computer aided communication (EN)
CAC compensated avaible charge (battery) (EN)
CACS channel adaptive code selection (diversity) (EN)
CACS computer assisted coding system (health care) (EN)
CAD computer aided design (EN)
CAD-CAM computer aided design/computer aided manufactoring (EN)
CADD computer aided design and drafting (EN)
CADE corporate average data center efficiency (EN)
CADN cellular access digital network (mobile communications) (EN)
CAE common application environment (X/Open) (EN)
CAE computer aided engineering (EN)
CAEE computer aided electronic engineering (EN)
CAES compressed air energy storage (smart grid) (EN)
CAF compiled application form (EN)
CAF controllable ATM fabric (EN)
CAFM computer aided facility management (EN)
CAGR compound annual growth rate (Ethernet) (EN)
CAI common air interface (mobile communications) (EN)
CAI computer aided instruction (EN)
CAIBE chemically assisted ion-beam etching (chip) (EN)
CAIDI customer average interruption duration index (EN)
CAIFI customer average interruption frequency index (smart grid) (EN)
CAL client access license (WBT) (EN)
CAL computer aided learning (EN)
CAL common application language (EN)
CAL CAN application layer (EN)
CALC customer access line charge (ISDN) (EN)
CALEA communication assistance for law enforcement act (USA) (EN)
CALM communication access for land mobiles (automotive) (EN)
CALM continuous communications standards architecture (HS wireless) (EN)
CALM continuous-air long and medium range (automotive) (EN)
CALM common assembly language for microprocessors (EN)
CALR called line identification restriction (EN)
CALS continuous acquisition and life-cycle support (graphics) (EN)
CALS computer aided acquisition, logistics and support (DoD) (EN)
CAM computer aided manufacturing (EN)
CAM common access method (Interface) (EN)
CAM conditional access module (digital TV) (EN)
CAM content addressable memory (EN)
CAM cooperative awareness message (C2C) (EN)
CAM customer asset management (EN)
CAM computer aided management (EN)
CAM carrierless amplitude modulation (EN)
CAMA centralized automatic message accounting (AMA) (EN)
CAMAC computer automated measurement and control (EN)
CAMC customer access maintenance center (EN)
Camcorder camera recorder (EN)
CAMEL customized applications for mobile enhanced logic (EN)
CAML collaborative application markup language (EN)
CAMP color appearance model profile (EN)
CAN card access number (nPA) (EN)
CAN controller area network (EN)
CAN campus area network (EN)
CAN customer access network (DQDB) (EN)
CAN cancel (control character) (EN)
CAN FD controller area network flexible data (EN)
CAO computer aided office (EN)
CAO conformity assessment operator (service) (EN)
CAO computer aided operating (EN)
CAP control account plan (PM) (EN)
CAP competitive access provider (EN)
CAP core assisted programming (EN)
CAP cable access point (wiring) (EN)
CAP computer aided publishing (EN)
CAP computer aided planning (EN)
CAP carrierless amplitude-phase modulation (EN)
CAP content application platform (SAGA) (EN)
CAP corporate access profile (DECT) (EN)
CAP contention access period (802.15.4) (EN)
CAP compact application protocol (ZigBee) (EN)
CAP card application file (chipcard) (EN)
CAP CAMEL applications part (IN) (EN)
CAPCOM capture compare unit (CPU) (EN)
CapEx capital expenditures (EN)
CAPG control of application process group (OSI) (EN)
CAPI common application programming interface (ISDN) (EN)
CAPI crypto API (Windows) (EN)
CAPP computer aided product planning (EN)
CAPPP computer aided production and production planning (EN)
CAPS call attempts per second (EN)
CAPS combined active and passive safety system (automotive) (EN)
CAPSC computer aided production scheduling and control (EN)
Captcha completely automated public turing test to tell computers from humans apart (EN)
CAQ computer aided quality control (EN)
CAR computer aided roboting (EN)
CAR computer aided retrieval (EN)
CAR committed access rate (EN)
CardOS card operating system (EN)
CARIN car information and navigation system (Navigation) (EN)
CARP cache array routing protocol (EN)
CARS cable television relay service (EN)
CAS columm access strobe (memory) (EN)
CAS client access server (exchange server) (EN)
CAS computer aided styling (EN)
CAS code access security (.NET) (EN)
CAS computer aided selling (EN)
CAS call associated signaling (EN)
CAS centralized attendant services (EN)
CAS car access system (automotive) (EN)
CAS copyright alert system (OTT) (EN)
CAS computer aided simulation (EN)
CAS communications applications specification (EN)
CAS content addressed storage (SAN) (EN)
CAS channel associated signalling (ATM) (EN)
CASB cloud access security broker (EN)
CASE computer aided software engineering (EN)
CASE common application service element (OSI) (EN)
CASS content-adaptive spatial scalability (EN)
CAST competence center for applied security technology (EN)
CAST Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares (EN)
Cat category (EN)
CAT conditional access table (MPEG) (EN)
CAT customer acceptance testing (EN)
CAT cable tester (EN)
CAT computer aided testing (EN)
CAT computer aided telephony (EN)
CAT-iq cordless advanced technology - internet and quality (DECT) (EN)
CATI computer assisted telephone interviewing (EN)
CATM cellular ATM (EN)
CATT computer aided test tool (EN)
CATV cable television (EN)
CAU controlled access unit (TR) (EN)
CAUCE coalition against unsolicited commercial e-mail (EN)
CAUI 100 gigabit attachment unit interface (EN)
CAV component analog video (EN)
CAV constant angular velocity (EN)
CAVE cellular authentication, voice privacy, and encryption (chipcard) (EN)
CAVE cave automatic virtual environment (EN)
CAVLC content adaptive variable length coding (H.264) (EN)
CAW channel address word (EN)
CG computer graphics (EN)
CG character generator (EN)
CG-Si continuous grain silicon technology (EN)
CGA column grid array (SMD) (EN)
CGA color graphics adapter (EN)
CGB circuit group blocking (mobile communications) (EN)
CGBA circuit group blocking acknowledgement (mobile communications) (EN)
CGC circuit group congestion (EN)
CGF charging gateway function (GGSN) (EN)
CGI cell global identity (mobil network) (EN)
CGI computer graphics interface (EN)
CGI common gateway interface (Internet) (EN)
CGI computer generated imagery (EN)
CGL charge generation layer (OLED) (EN)
CGM consumer generated media (EN)
CGM computer graphics metafile (EN)
CGMII 100 gigabit media independent interface (EN)
CGMP Cisco group management protocol (Routing) (EN)
CGMS copy generation management system (copy protection) (EN)
CGN carrier grade NAT (IPv6) (EN)
CGOC compliance, governance, and oversight council (EN)
CGP charge generation point (ETSI) (EN)
CgPA calling party address (EN)
CgPNo calling party number (ITU Q.931) (EN)
CGS coarse grain scalability (video coding) (EN)
CgS calling party subaddress (EN)
cgs centimeter gram second (EN)
CGSA cellular geographic service area (EN)
CGU circuit group unblocking (mobile communications) (EN)
CGUA circuit group unblocking acknowledgement message (mobile communications) (EN)
CGW customer gateway (DQDB) (EN)